Software Building Blocks for Robot Arms.

Programming robot arms 10x faster with friendly APIs and cutting-edge algorithms.

Robot with building blocks

Jacobi makes robot arms faster and easier to program.

We move robot arms as fast as possible - computed in real time.


AI Powered Robot Programming

Cutting-edge motion planning technology powered by deep learning computes time-optimized, collision free and singularity free motions in milliseconds.
Using your 3D model Jacobi creates an efficient representation of the robot’s workspace to calculate safe robot motions in any environment.
AI-based robot algorithms with guardrails increase productivity and reliability for standardized applications in manufacturing, logistics, construction and more...

Easy to Use and Developer-Friendly

With Python and C++ APIs, Jacobi makes robotics accessible to software developers. No more brand-specific low level programming languages.
Jacobi takes care of everything, from creating a simulation environment to running the motions on the real robot.
Programming can be done remotely via the cloud, or on-prem for a reliable real-time solution.

Production-Ready Solutions

Setup is quick, allowing engineers to program robot palletizers within hours and configure new patterns within minutes.
Powered by Jacobi's motion planning engine, the Jacobi Palletizer provides optimized cycle times right out of the box.
Remote programming, cloud monitoring infrastructure and autonomous recovery capabilities cut down the need for expensive and time-consuming onsite support.

We help you get started.

Robotics is hard nonetheless - that's why we support you with integration and custom use cases.
If you're interested, reach out to us!