The Jacobi Platform

Programming robot arms 10x faster with friendly APIs and cutting-edge algorithms.

Develop Faster

The Jacobi platform accelerates the setup, development and deployment time. Configure your application, and let Jacobi program the robot for you.

Improve Cycle Time

Our proprietary motion planning technology computes fast and smooth motions in milliseconds, with no collisions and no singularities.

Integrate Today

The Jacobi platform supports a large number of industrial robots and cobots, and offers Python and C++ APIs via the cloud, or locally with the on-prem version.

The Jacobi Motion Library

Jacobi offers cutting-edge motion planning technology based on years of research in world-leading robotics institutions. Our core technology is the Jacobi motion library, that computes

  • Time-Optimized
  • Collision-Free
  • Singularity-Free
  • Jerk-Limited

robot motions in less than a millisecond. For example, our motion planner directly optimizes for the duration instead of the path length to achieve significantly faster motions over current solutions.

Learn more about our technology
Benchmark. Jacobi outperforms open-source algorithms and industry leading path planners.
Faster motion computation.
Faster motion execution.
30% +
Singularities or collisions.

Jacobi Studio

The Jacobi Studio is a simple and intuitive tool that allows users to visualize the robot environment and motions, reconfigure an application and ultimately reduce the development time.

Get started right away, all you need is Internet connection and you're good to go.
Cloud robotics.
Setup your environment online, without having to worry about compute resources or installing dependencies.
On-prem version.
If you need a reliable real-time solution, we got your back with the on-prem version.
import jacobi
from jacobi.robots import UniversalUR10
from jacobi.drivers import UniversalDriver

robot = UniversalUR10()
robot.set_speed(1.0) # Full speed ahead!

planner = jacobi.Planner(robot)
trajectory = planner.plan(
  # Start at current joint space [rad]
  start=[0.3, -0.9, 1.3, -1.9, -1.5, 0.0],
  # Move to Cartesian goal for x, y, z [m]
  goal=jacobi.CartesianWaypoint(x=0.3, y=-0.3, z=0.1),

# Execute the motion
driver = UniversalDriver(planner, host='')

Programming API

Setup your application, plan complex motions and execute on a physical robot. All through the same API.

Simple API.
Say goodbye to the brand-specific programming languages, and embrace the simplicity of Python and C++. You can literally implement an application with 5 lines of code.
Not a black box.
You think you're smarter than Jacobi? No problem. The control is in your hands.
Advanced features.
Explicit kinematic limits? Jerk-limitation? Linear retraction or approach? Keep the end-effector facing downwards? Limit end-effector accelerations? Everything is a one-liner.
The library includes Jacobi drivers to directly control and execute motions on various robots.

We help you get started.

Robotics is hard nonetheless - that's why we support you with integration and custom use cases.
If you're interested, reach out to us!