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Deploy 95% faster with the Jacobi Palletizer

The Jacobi Palletizer is a software application designed to reduce the development and deployment time for system integrators. Set up a cell in just minutes and fully programmed with patterns within a day.

Eliminate the need to manually teach robot paths with Jacobi's Motion Platform, allowing bold, fast, and optimized robot trajectories for the best cycle times.

Maximize CPM with fast motions.
Maximize CPM with fast motions.
We use optimization and AI to create fast, smooth robot motions that automatically avoid collisions and singularities. This approach also reduces wear on robot motors, extending their lifespan.
Palletize faster with Jacobi
Take your pick.
Take your pick.
Choose a pick strategy: single-pick, multi-pick, or double-pick single-place. Jacobi's AI will automatically find the optimal combination of picks based on your selection.
Start picking now with Jacobi
Reduce onsite support by up to 50% with remote programming.
Reduce onsite support by up to 50% with remote programming.
Jacobi's cloud infrastructure lets you access the palletizer from anywhere, anytime. With remote access, you can easily control the current program and even program new patterns. All you need is Internet connection and you're good to go.
Power your operations from anywhere
Predictable deployment times.
Predictable deployment times.
Programming and reprogramming patterns becomes easy as the motion planning technology automatically handles motion optimization, collision avoidance, and singularities, ensuring a smooth process with no surprises during the SAT.
Deploy quickly and start palletizing
Ensure safe and smooth operations.
Ensure safe and smooth operations.
Integrate scanners and light curtains to enable safety zones and collaborative speed limits. Connect your hardware to an Allen-Bradley PLC or directly to the robot controller, and let Jacobi take it from there.
Start palletizing today with Jacobi

Build with your preferred robot

Load Project
Use the Jacobi Studio for defining collision geometry and guaranteeing collision-free motions. Load an existing model or create a new one by incorporating obstacle geometries within the Studio.
The setup process is simple, intuitive and can be done completely remotely. After defining your project in Studio, now you can adjust box dimensions, label orientations, and configure the pallet pattern either manually or through the TOPS integration. Fine-tune motion parameters to suit your specific needs and use the simulation to visualize the motions, allowing for precise cycle time estimation.
Use the Jacobi HMI to control the palletizer or create your customized HMI using our API. Keep an eye on performance by accessing a comprehensive array of logged features in real time. Investigate run-time issues remotely and reduce travel for onsite support by replicating the robot state and motions.

Here's what you get


    30% increase in CPM

    With the best cycle time and a live simulation to showcase to your customers, you'll have an unbeatable competitive edge.


    95% faster commissioning

    Imagine programming robots without worrying about collisions or singularities. SAT becomes short and predictable.


    5 minutes / pattern

    Post-deployment support is simplified with rapid pattern programming and real-time remote monitoring, streamlining production.

Learn how Formic reduced their SAT time by 95%

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Here's What our Customers Have to Say

Logo Formic

Working with Jacobi, I've found their innovative palletizing software to be a game-changer. It stood out against the many other tools I evaluated throughout my career. It streamlines programming across different robots and hardware, enhancing deployment and remote operations, all make my work faster and more efficient. Jacobi is truly redefining industrial automation from my perspective.

Jeremy Brouillard
Jeremy Brouillard
Product Manager, Formic
Logo Unlimited Electro Unlimited Electro

Jacobi Robotics has transformed our palletizing processes. Their innovative software integrates seamlessly with different robotic systems, making deployment quick and remote operations efficient. The intuitive interface has significantly reduced programming time and increased our productivity. Jacobi is a true partner in automation, and their palletizing solutions are top-notch. We couldn't be more satisfied.

Jose A. Meza
Jose A. Meza
COO, Unlimited Electro Group

Feature Plans

The best Palletization solution,
for the best price

Jacobi Palletizer

Choose from a wide range of pre-set standard palletizers or customize your standard offer with the Jacobi Studio.

  • 1 in 1 out or 1 in 2 out
  • Optimized cycle time
  • Single or double pick
  • Slip sheet
  • Customize hardware setup
  • Remote monitoring
  • Custom HMI

Jacobi Palletizer Pro

Let's work together to create a custom solution specifically designed to meet your unique operational needs.

  • Multi in multi out
  • Optimized cycle time
  • Single pick, multi pick, multi-pick single place
  • Slip sheet
  • Barcode scanner
  • Remote monitoring
  • Custom HMI
  • Vision-based pick validation

Let's Get Palletizing!

Robotics is hard nonetheless - that's why we support you with integration and custom use cases.
If you're interested, reach out to us!